The Only Way To Fly DVD. Do you remember when you could drive your car on the tarmac, buy your tickets on the plane, or greet your grandmother at the terminal gate? These old 16mm educational and promotional films from the A/V Geeks Film Archive fondly look back to a day when air travel was a novel luxury. Films include Air Transportation (1946) Perhaps a job in the air transportation industry is for you? This film tells us about all the different jobs you can pursue.. Behind The Scenes At The Airport (1947) An airline pilot happily tells us about all the work it takes to keep commercial aircraft running smoothly and safely.. Air Traffic Controller (1968) Hey guys, do you have what it takes to be an air traffic controller? This film will run you through an average day in the tower! The Airline Stewardess (1968) Hey ladies, thinking of an exciting career as an airline stewardess. This film shows you a typical day in the life of a swinging hostess of the air.. Only Way to Fly (circa mid-1970s) Western Airlines sings to us about their exciting new destinations. From Here To There (1970) Celebrated graphic designer and filmmaker Saul Bass shows the joys of air travel on United Airlines.

The Only Way To Fly DVD

The Only Way To Fly DVD


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