P is for Prejudice DVD

P is for Prejudice DVD. Films from the A/V Geeks educational film archive that show the dangers of prejudice and bigoted behavior. Bill Cosby On Prejudice(1971) (22 min) Presents black comedian Bill Cosby appearing in white make-up and green eye shadow in a special that discusses bigotry. Shows Cosby assuming the role of a super-bigot, and employing all the stereotype prejudices in his monologue. Can We Immunize Against Prejudice? (1954) (6 min) Animated. Demonstrates how three sets of parents try to ‘IMMUNIZE’ their children against prejudice by using three different methods. Skipper Learns A Lesson (1952) (10 min) Depicts experiences with ‘PREJUDICE’ encountered by a girl and her dog, Skipper, who move into a neighborhood where children of different races play together.

P is for Prejudice DVD

P is for Prejudice DVD


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