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Childhood Nightmare Fodder on DVD

A compilation of 16mm films that have troubled an entire generation of kids. Some of these films were too effective in scaring kids and scarring their psyches, others unintentionally creeped kids out and finally, some were never meant to be shown to kids at all.. Films include – Dead is Dead, Cipher in the Snow, […]

P is for Prejudice DVD

P is for Prejudice DVD. Films from the A/V Geeks educational film archive that show the dangers of prejudice and bigoted behavior. Bill Cosby On Prejudice(1971) (22 min) Presents black comedian Bill Cosby appearing in white make-up and green eye shadow in a special that discusses bigotry. Shows Cosby assuming the role of a super-bigot, […]

Our Race Towards Space DVD

Our Race Towards Space DVD. Films from the A/V Geeks archive that were made to talk about the United States space program and its future. Race For Space (1960) 51 min Analyzes the missile race between the United States and Russia. Contains American and Soviet rocket and space films including the firings of Sputnik I […]

The Evolution of ‘Intelligent Design’ DVD

The Evolution of ‘Intelligent Design’ DVD. Witness the films that planted the seeds of intelligent design in young impressionable minds back in the 1950s. Films made by the Moody Institute of Science to attract the curious to Christianity. Titles include – Electric Eel, Fish Out of Water!, A Fish Family, Food Getting Among Animals, Wonder […]

The Last Time We Were Green DVD

The Last Time We Were Green DVD. A collection of 16mm ecology films from the 1960s and 1970s which raise the question, “Why did we ever stop being green?” Films include: Pitch In, Uncle Smiley Goes Down the River, Land Betrayed, Help Woodsey Spread the News and more! The Last Time We Were Green DVD […]

Ins & Outs of Inside/Out, Vol 2 DVD

Ins & Outs of Inside/Out, Vol 2 DVD. Episodes from the brilliant educational TV series that explored the emotional and moral dilemmas that kids faced in the mid-1970s. Films include: Can I Help?, Can Do/Can’t Do, Brothers and Sisters, Donna, Because It’s Fun and more! Ins & Outs of Inside/Out, Vol 2 DVD $15.00 Buy […]

How To Be a Proud American DVD

Given recent election results, many of us are gearing up to be proud to again say that they are Americans but are a little rusty. The A/V Geeks pull from their 16mm archive, films that remind us how to be good citizens and how our contributions can make the country great. Films include: Patriotism, Are […]

Food: It’s What for Dinner DVD

Food: It’s What for Dinner DVD. 16mm School films that deal with food and food preparation. Delightful, delicious and good for you too! Or is it? Films included: Why Eat Our Vegetables, Keeping Food Safe To Eat, Tasting Party, Short Order Cookery, Pride on Parade, Outbreak of Salmonella Infection and The Art of Cake Decorating […]

Clowns and Cavemen DVD

Clowns and Cavemen DVD. School films that feature clowns or cavemen. Films included – The Clowns, How the First Letter Was Written, Toothache of a Clown, Standing Up For Yourself, Pirro and the Alarm Clock, Drug Effects, Circus Day. Clowns and Cavemen DVD $15.00 Buy now

Best of AV Geeks 4 DVD

Best of AV Geeks 4 DVD. Another fine collection of more amazing films from the A/V Geeks library. Titles include: Are You Listening?, Toothache of a Clown, Plastics, Sally at 13, Morality for Youth. Best of AV Geeks 4 DVD $15.00 Buy now

Atomic Age Classics Vol 1: Manners, Courtesy & Etiquette DVD

Atomic Age Classics Vol 1: Manners, Courtesy & Etiquette DVD. School films from the 1950s and 1960s about how good manners makes your life easier and makes the world a better place. Films include: Are Manners Important, Good Table Manners, We Play and Share Together, Everyday Courtesy, Exchanging Greetings and Introductions, Helping Johnny Remember and […]

Featuring An All-Star Cast DVD

Featuring An All-Star Cast DVD. Educational films featuring celebrities – either before they were famous or as a PR move after their careers slumped. Films include: Bookkeeping and You (with ‘Bewitched’ star Dick York), Is That A Happy Hippopotamus? (with ‘That’s Incredible’ host John Davidson), Learn Not To Burn (with Dick Van Dyke), First Aid […]