We’ve got over 20 years of experience in media digitization and are happy to talk with you about your media transfer needs. We are based in Raleigh NC but have safely digitized materials from all over the world. We’ve digitized film and video for hundreds of people, universities, government agencies, documentary filmmakers and others.

Home movies and audio

We will safely transfer your 8mm, super8, 16mm or video tapes to DVDs and files.

Our film transfer basic rate is .20/ft for SD film transfer, .30/ft for HD film transfer.

Our consumer video transfer basic rate is $35/hr for VHS, VHS-C, Hi8mm/Video8/Digital8, miniDV.

Consumer audio tape transfer is $35/hr.

Professional film digitizing

We use professional film scanners and telecines to transfer up to 4k (Flashtransfer16, Tobin HD film units, Kinetta Archival Scanner, Blackmagic Cintel). We can handle 35mm and lower gauge formats (8mm, super8, 9.5mm, 16mm, others).

Video digitizing

We can digitize a wide variety of professional and consumer video formats

Professional: BetaSP/BetacamSX/Betacam IMX/Digibeta (PAL/NTSC), Umatic (NTSC), One Inch Type C (NTSC), EIAJ Half Inch Open Reel (NTSC, B&W only), miniDV/DVCAM/DVCPro(SD only), MII (NTSC).

Consumer: S-VHS/VHS/VHS-C (NTSC,PAL,SECAM), Video8/Hi8/Digital8 (NTSC), miniDV(NSTC/PAL)

Professional archival metadata and file formats

We can provide FFV1 MKV files, DPX files, DCPs, checksums and LTO backup for extra fees.

Slides and Audio Tape (1/4 open reel, cassette, micro-cassette)

We do this too.. talk to us about our services.

Slides are .75/slide

Audio tape is $35/hr.

Got a question? Contact us at 919-247-7752 or avgeeks@gmail.com