Our Race Towards Space DVD

Our Race Towards Space DVD. Films from the A/V Geeks archive that were made to talk about the United States space program and its future. Race For Space (1960) 51 min Analyzes the missile race between the United States and Russia. Contains American and Soviet rocket and space films including the firings of Sputnik I and II and the launching of the Explorer I. Features Mike Wallace Way Stations In Space (1961) 12 min Explains the need for such structures to serve in space exploration, in communication, and in research. First Men Into Space (1962) 15 min Live photography, animation and scale models show the first American orbital space flight. Discusses the problems of decreased air pressure, multiweight and weightlessness. Project Apollo – Manned Flight To The Moon (1963) 12 min Animated. Shows the principal steps taken by NASA to place men on the moon and get them back safely within this decade. Astrovac – Zero Gravity Personal Body Wash Unit 5 min A proposed solution for astronauts to keep themselves clean while in zero gravity. Simple to use. NASA Aeronautics and Space Report (1965) 4 min Highlights NASA’s projects during 1965: Gemini 5, U.S. Space Park, Re-Entry Heating

Our Race Towards Space DVD

Our Race Towards Space DVD


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