Childhood Nightmare Fodder on DVD

A compilation of 16mm films that have troubled an entire generation of kids. Some of these films were too effective in scaring kids and scarring their psyches, others unintentionally creeped kids out and finally, some were never meant to be shown to kids at all.. Films include – Dead is Dead, Cipher in the Snow, […]

Say Uncle… Smiley! DVD

Say Uncle… Smiley! DVD. A compilation of 1970s ecologically-themed school films featuring Uncle Smiley – a clumsy, heavy guy with a heart of gold. Films include – Uncle Smiley Goes Recycling, Uncle Smiley Follows the Four Seasons, Uncle Smiley Goes Up the River, Uncle Smiley Goes Camping, Uncle Smiley Goes To The Beach, Uncle Smiley […]

Schoolhouse Shock DVD

Schoolhouse Shock DVD. Is a school just a place for learning or is it a constant drain on our tax dollars? Or is it an antiquated death trap? Or maybe it’s haunted? Join us for an evening of films dealing with school buildings and how to make students, parents and civic leaders feel guilty about […]

Lovey Dovey DVD

Lovey Dovey DVD. A compilation DVD of syrupy-sweet 16mm films about different kinds of love. Films include Different Kinds of Love Part of Saturday Morning TV’s Most Important Person series, this animated film teaches young kids about different types of love in their lives. To Be In Love Part of the “To Be” series, this […]

Those Naughty Adults DVD

Those Naughty Adults DVD. Films about the bad people. Films include – Cautious Twins, Girls Beware, Self Defense For Girls, Meeting Strangers: Red light, Green Light, and Roscoe’s Rules Those Naughty Adults DVD $15.00 Buy now


Young NASA DVD. Great films from NASA’s infancy. America in Space – The First Five Years, Project Apollo, Apollo 8, Apollo 12 footage (silent), Flight of Apollo 15, Spaceborne. Young NASA DVD $15.00 Buy now

A/V Geeks Sell Out DVD

A/V Geeks Sell Out DVD. Films about good salesmanship. Now you, too, can learn about the A/V Geeks secret strategy for success. Films on salesmanship included: The Cookie Kids, Sales Building Role, Trader Vic’s Used Cars, Nothing But Lookers. Plus two “sponsored” films (films sponsored by a company for product placement) I Have To Be […]

Haunted Classroom DVD

Haunted Classroom DVD. School films that feature ghosts and the supernatural to teach us their lessons. Films include – Parents, Who Need s Them? (1973) A creepy magical puppet makes a bratty boy invisible to teach him a lesson. The Haunted Mouth (1974) Cesar Romero plays the invisible specter of the mouth – plaque. Ghost […]

Drugs Drugs Drugs DVD

Drugs Drugs Drugs DVD. Invariably somebody asks us if we’re “holding” any drug films. Well, we’ve got your “fix”. Films include: Are Drugs the Answer?, Easy Way Out, LSD-Narcotics, Marijuana (with Sonny Bono), and LSD-Insight or Insanity (narrated by Sal Mineo). Drugs Drugs Drugs DVD $15.00 Buy now

Can You Beat the A-Bomb? DVD

Can You Beat the A-Bomb? DVD. Three different countries take on the Atomic Bomb – the bleak and once-banned British “documentary” about an atomic attack in England, the absurdedly optimistic U.S. You Can Beat the A-Bomb and a Canadian short that will make you forget about the first two films. Can You Beat the A-Bomb? […]

AV Geeks Greatest Hits DVD

AV Geeks Greatest Hits DVD. Some films from the AV Geeks archive that have really catchy/annoying songs. Great to singalong! Films include: Fun With Lines, Crash Bang Boom, Malakapaladoo Skip Two, Drugs Are Like That, Shake Hands with Danger, Telezonia and VD is for Everybody. AV Geeks Greatest Hits DVD $15.00 Buy now

An AV Geeks Christmas DVD

An AV Geeks Christmas DVD. The AV Geeks try to get into the holiday spirit and program about bunch of films about Santa Claus. Films include – the classic Night Before Christmas (1946), the inane Santa Claus Story, the baffling Santa Claus Suit, the violent Santa Claus’ Punch and Judy and more! An AV Geeks […]