Why We’re Fat on DVD

Why We’re Fat on DVD. It would be easy to blame our nation’s current weight problem on confusing nutritional information that we are exposed to everyday. However, these entertaining films – unearthed from the A/V Geeks 16mm educational film archive – show us over 50 years of nutritional monkeyshines by special interest groups (namely, the dairy, bread and potato chip lobbyists). Join us and see if you can figure out “why we’re fat.” Man Who Missed His Breakfast 1944 13 min This wartime nutrition film urges us to get our “daily 7? – seven food groups! Can you figure out what they are? A hint – one of the food groups is butter! Your Daily Bread 1957 12 min Made by the American Bakers Association, this film tells that white bread is responsible for a new breed of super atheletes thanks to mysterious “enrichment wafers” which are added during the baking process. They show us six food groups.t. Eat For Health 1954 11 min Young, listless Ralph figures out that his poor diet is keeping him from all the fun. He uses his hand and his classmates to remember to eat from the five food groups everyday. More Life In Living 1940 15 min The Dairy Association teaches us that milk will not only make us healthy, it will also make us more attractive, less shy, thinner and bring in a bigger paycheck. This film tells us of only two food groups! Adventures Of Chip And Dip 1968 20 min This film is brought to us courtesy of the International Potato Chip Institute. Besides getting some nifty dip recipes, we learn that potato chips are a “power food” – providing our body with more energy than many vegetables! Why Doesn’t Cathy Eat Breakfast? 1972 4 min One of the most confounding films in the A/V Geeks archive, this short introduces us to Kathy as she gets ready for school. Can you figure out why she doesn’t eat breakfast?

Why We're Fat on DVD

Why We’re Fat on DVD


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