Leery About Leary DVD – Retro Films Featuring LSD’s Self-proclaimed Guru. Two films that debate the impact, benefits and dangers of marijuana and the powerful hallucinogen, LSD, featuring scores of critics versus Harvard professor Timothy Leary. From Pot to Psychedelics 1968 (b/w) 32 min Presents an overview of the social, legal and moral aspects of drug use and abuse in the United States. Includes interviews with drug users, legal authorities, sociologists and medical researchers, including scenes of hippies in San Francisco and of New York’s Greenwich Village. Levitt vs Leary 1968 (b/w) 51 min Presents a debate about LSD and marijuana usage by advocate Timothy Leary, former Harvard psychology professor, and dissenter Jerome Lettvin, former practicing psychologist and now a physiology professor at Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Producer, Austin Hoyt; editor, Boyd Estus. Live debate on drug use, the devil and dropping out between Timothy Leary (A Former Harvard psychology professor) and Jerome Lettvin (chemist, physician, MIT professor). Included the short film “The Psychedelic Experience” with music by Ravi Shankar. 1967. Won the Tom Phillips Award for Best Television Public Service competition sponsored by the UPI Broadcasters Association of Massachusetts.

Leery About Leary DVD – Retro Films Featuring LSD’s Self-proclaimed Guru


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