Naval Gazing DVD. Films from the A/V Geeks Film Archive made by or about the United States Navy. Inside The Big E. (ca. 1963) 13min Depicts a day aboard the nuclear-powered aircraft carrier Enterprise. Shows the role of lubricating oil in powering this ship. Explains how petroleum research keeps pace with lubricating needs of the nuclear age. All Together (1973 circa) 21min Lou Rawls appeals to all the soul brothers and sisters to join the man’s Navy. Ladies Wear The Blue (1974) 29min Tracing the history of Navy women from 1917, this film stresses the importance of equal employment opportunity and highlights the changes the Navy is making toward offering a more satisfying and rewarding career to women in naval service. Story Of A Storm (1972) 29min Describes how the Navy Weather Service helps Navy and cargo ships to avoid adverse weather conditions. Burl Ives narrates. All about the Navy’s Weather Central. Very Special Man (1968) 17min Shows the importance of electronics to the Navy and opportunities available for recruits in advanced electronics. Plus the chicks dig it! Plenty of shots of sailors using 1960s electronic equipment.

Naval Gazing DVD

Naval Gazing DVD


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