This is silent, raw Kodachrome stock footage from the Coronet educational film company that they would use in their films. To use this footage from this film in your project, please contact us at footage@avgeeks.

1910s, Germany, Goodwin I, Marvin Navy, Roosevelt Roosevelt, Senators, States, Teddy Theodore U-boat, United WW1, War Washington Wilson, Woodrow World animals, animation, antelope antelope, apron, arrival, athlete, audience, automobile, automobiles, bags, balloons, band, banners, baseball, bay bay, belts, bicycles, boarding, boat, boats, bow, box, boys, brick, buckets, building, buildings, bushes bushes, cannery, canoes, cans, canyon, car, cargo, caricature, carriage, carriages, cars, cartoon, cascade children, city, civilian, coal, convertibles, conveyor corner, costume, crate, crowd, crowds crowds, crusher, curb curb, curtains, dam, day, deck deck, decorations, delivery, desk, dirt, display, dive, dock, docks, doorway, electrical, ephemeral, explosion, factory, ferry, flags flags, foam foam, footage, forest, fuel, giraffe, governors, grinder, guards, hallway, hand, harbor, hat hats, helmet, helmets, hills, hippopotamus, homes, horse-drawn, horsemen, horses, hose, houses, hunter, instruments, jungle, lifestyle, light, locomotive, logs, lumber, machine, mail, man, manmade, mansions, march, marching marching, meat, mechanical, meeting men, military, mill, mince, mining, mist, monkey, monument monument, musicians navy, neighborhood, oars observation, ocean, office office, officers officers, officials officials, opening overlook, packages paddles, papers, parade parade, park, passengers, patrol, pedestrians, periscope, picket, pines, pitcher, pith placard, placards, platform, player, podium, police, politician, politicians, pose pose, postal powerlines, powerplant, president, railroad, railyard, rain rapids rapids, rifle, rifles, ripples, river, road, roads, rocker, rocks, roots, ropes ropes, sailing sailing, salute, sausage, scuttle, ship, shore, shovel, shovels sidewalk, signature, signs, sinking, sluice, smoke, snow, soldiers, spectators, speech, splash, stadium, stage, stairs, steam steam, stock, stone, streamers, street, streets, structure, submarine, submerge, suffragettes, suits, surface, swords, table, text text, title, titles, tower, tracks, traffic, train, transport trees, trench, trucks, umbrellas, uniforms uniforms, vessel vintage, wagons, wake wake, water, waterfall waterfall, waves waves, window, woman, women, words words, worker, workers, yard

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