This is silent, raw color footage from the Coronet educational film company. To use this footage from this film in your project, please contact us at footage@avgeeks.

1970s, Taffy Taffy, air animals, anthropomorphic, bed, bedroom, beds, boy, boys, branches branches, brother, bulldozer, burrow, butterfly, camping, campsite campsite, canopy, chair, chairs, children, closet, clothesline, covers, dark dark, door doors, educational, elephant, entertainment, ephemeral, father, fear, flashlight, flashlights, flowers forest, girl, girls, grass, home home, house, inflate, insect, kitchen, lamp, laundry leaves, light light, lights lights, living mailbox, mattress, mice, miniatures, mother, mushrooms, night, pillows pillows, pump, puppets, room, rope, set, shadows, sheets, shovel siblings, sister sister, staircase, stairs, table, telephone, tent tent, theater, toy, trees, underground, vintage, wall, wings

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