This is silent, raw Kodachrome stock footage from the Coronet educational film company that they would use in their films. To use this footage from this film in your project, please contact us at footage@avgeeks.

1970s, Aid, Apparel, Art, Artist, Artistic, Attendee, Attention, Attire, Audience, Book, Bored, Boredom, Broadcast, Broadcasting, Building, Bus, Buy, Buying, Call Chart, Child, Children, Clapboard, Class, Classroom, Clothes, Clothing, Color, Computer, Computing, Counter, Craft, Cubicle, Demonstrating, Demonstration, Desk, Developer, Developing, Diagram, Dish, Disney Disney, Dispenser, Draw, Drawing, Educational, Elementary, Employee, Enlargement, Enlarger, Enlarging, Equipment, Expert, Facility, Fashion, Field Film, Filming, Filmmaking, Footage, Graphic, Gray, Greet, Greeting, Guide, Hallway, Headline, Headset, Help, Helping, High Hobby, Host, Hostess, Image, Information, Informed, Instructor, Interior, Job, Keyboard, Kid, Kodak, Learn, Learning, Lecture, Lecturing, Lesson, Library, Listen, Listening, Local, Machine, Machinery, Media, Microscope, Municipal, News, Newspaper, Office, Onlooker, Operator, Participant, Patron, Periodical, Phone, Photo, Photograph, Photographer, Photography, Picture, Player, Poster, Presentation, Print, Printing, Production, Profession, Professional, Projecting, Projection, Projector, Public, Punch Radio, Read, Reader, Reading, Receiver, Receptionist, Recorder, Reel-to-reel, Response, Satellite, Scale, Scene, School, Science, Scientific, Screen, Secretary, Seventies, Shop, Shopper, Shot, Show, Showing, Signal, Sixties, Sixties,1960s, Slide, Spectator, Store, Student, Study, Studying, Style, Take, Talk, Talking, Tape, Teacher, Teaching, Technical, Teen, Teenager, Telephone, Tool, Tour, Touring, Tower, Town, Transparency, Trip, Type, Typing, Uniform, Vending, Vendor, Viewer, Visit, Visiting, Visitor, Visual, Work, Worker, Working, Workplace, World, Write, Writing, Young, Youth, art, artwork, audio, beetle, bored, boy, boys, bracelet, briefcase, brown bug, butcher butterfly, buttons, card, cartridge, center center, chair, chalkboard chalkboard, child, children, class, classmates, classroom, color color, computer, computing computing, concentrating, controls, cord, cordial, cords, couch, craft cubby, cubicle, deck deck, demonstration dental desk, desks, dials, display, dry editing, educational, elementary, equipment, explaining, eyeglasses eyeglasses, fashion fashion, fidgeting, film film, filming, friendly, girl, girls, globe gray grayscale, handshake, headphones, headset, health, hinge, hygiene, informational, insect, jewelry, kid, kids, knobs, kodak, kraft lamp, learning learning, letters, lightboard, listening, magnetic man, marks, matching, media microphone, mount, mounting nature, nodding, notebook, office, paper, papers, patient, photograph, photography, picture, ponytail, posed, posing, poster, presentation, press, print, printer printing, production production, projector, question, rack, reading, recording, reel, register restless, retractable retro, scene, school school, schoolkids, science, selection, slate, slide, slides, smiling, speaking speaking, spinning, spool, storage, stripe, student, students, studying, suit, table, take take, taking talking, tape tape, teacher, teaching, technology, teen, teenager, teeth, thoughtful, tired transparency, tray, trip, turns typewriter, typing, video video, vintage, woman, women, words, writing, young, youth

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