This is silent, raw Kodachrome stock footage from the Coronet educational film company that they would use in their films. To use this footage from this film in your project, please contact us at footage@avgeeks.

1970s, Forestown Jeep, School, Strudel’s, accident, ad, along, aluminum, animal, animals animals, animated, anthropomorphic, appear, approach, apron, archival, argue, argument, assembly, award, away, b-roll, back, background, bag, ball, basket, basketball, bean, beans, bear, bed, bedroom, beetle, binder, black, blue, board, boards, book, box, boy, boys, branches, breaks, briefcase, brings, broken, broom, brother, brown, building, built, butterfly, cabinet, cabinets, camera, candy, card, cat, ceremony, chair chair, chairs, charm charm, cheek, chest, child, children, clap clapboard clapperboard, clapping claps cleans, clock clock, clothes, clothesline, clothespins, coat, cock, color, come, comes, concert, confused, contest, cooking, correct, cotton, counter, court, cup, cupboards, curious, curtain, curtains, cushion, darkness, delivers, delivery dining, disappear, dishes, display, dog, dogs, donkey, door door, down, drawer, drawers, dress, drops, educational, elephant, enter enter, entertainment, ephemeral, excited, fables, face face, fall, falls, family, father, fence, find, finds, flash, flashlight flashlight, floor floor, flowers, foil, food, forest, forth, frantic, from, gather gather, gesture gesture, get, gingham gingham, girl, girls, give, glass, glasses, go, goblet, grandfather grandfather, grass, groceries, grocery, group, guess, guessing, hair, hall, hand hand, hands, handwritten, hang hang, happy, hat, head head, hit, hold, holds, home home, hoop, horseshoe, house, human, hurry, hutch, inside, instrument, jacket, jar, jeep, jelly, jellybeans jellybeans, jumps, kitchen, kite, knock, label, ladder ladder, laundry, lay, lays, leave, leaves, letter, letters, lid, lift, light light, linen, living living, look, looks, luck, magic, magnet, mail, man, meets, metal, mice, milk, miniatures, mirror, monkey, mother, mouse, mouth, move, mustache, new, newspaper newspaper, next, night, nod nod, nods, nose nose, note notes, number, object, open, out, outside, overalls, package package, pans, paper, papers, pats, paw, pendulum, pet, photo pick, picks, place, plan play, point, pole pole, pop, poster, posters, present, presentation, production, pull, puppet, puppeteer, puppets, puppy, put, puts, rabbit, raccoon, read, reading, reads, recoil, red, reel refrigerator, reverse, rocks rocks, roll, roof, room, roots, rub, run run, sailboat, scarab, scene, scissors, scratches, search, searches, set, shake, shakes, sheep sheep, sheets, shell, shingles shirtless shirtless, shop, shy, side, sign, silver, sink, sister, skunk skunk, skylight, slip, slips, smile, son, speak speak, speaks, spill, stage, staircase, stairs, stand stand, stands, stick, store, strudel’s, sundaes, superstition sweeps, table, take, takes, talk talk, talks, tap, teal, telephone telephone, theater, thinks, through, throw, together, tools, totem, touch, town, toys, tree tree, treehouse, trees, trims, trophy, truck, trunk, try, turn turn, turquoise, turtle, uncovers, under, unwrap, unwrapped, up up, vase vase, vehicle, vintage, visit, wait, waits, walk walk, walks, wall, watch white, wiggle, window window, windows, wine, wipes, wood, woods, worried, writing writing, yarn, yellow, young, zebra zebra

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