Chrysler’s New One Hundred Million Dollar Look! (aka Chrysler 1955 New Car Movie)

Cast: Michael O’Shea, William Bishop, Rochester, Don Wilson, The Sportsmen
And introducing the all New 1955 Chryslers.
Director of Photography: Jerry Fairbanks. Production Supervisor: John McKenna. Assistant Director: Robert Scrivner. Musical Direction: Edward Paul. Special Lyrics: Roy Ingraham. Supervising Editor: Richard Fritch. Art Director: Theobold Holsopple. Sound: Lawrence Aicholtz. Set Lighting: Grant Spicer. Screenplay by Leo Rosencrans. Directed by Harold Daniels. Produced by Jerry Fairbanks.

Includes a Cinemascope sequence which is letterboxed in our transfer, and runs 22:53.

We digitized and uploaded this film on behalf of the Prelinger Archives. Email us at if you have questions about the footage and are interested in using it in your project. chryslers-new-one-hundred-million-dollar-look-aka-chrysler-1955-new-car-movie

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