Kids leaning over fence at zoo looking at animals
Mother hippopotamus and son in pool at zoo
CU head of hippo resting in water; small male hippo swimming around, resting on her nose
Cow operates farm pump handle with her head and drinks water, in perfect rhythm (good)
Chimpanzee shining shoes at shoeshine stand (this sequence might be conceived as racist allegory)
Chimpanzee eats jam with fingers; woman stops him; chimp covers his eyes
Woman washes chimp’s face in basin, dries him off
Chimp picks up Siamese cat; jumps into sink, turns on faucets, scrubs off cat
CU doorbell ringer
Chimp throws cat out of sink

We digitized and uploaded this film on behalf of the Prelinger Archives. Email us at if you have questions about the footage and are interested in using it in your project. Buy this film on DVD. [wp_cart_button name=zoology-animal-intelligence-ca-1940s price=12.95][show_wp_shopping_cart]

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