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Oh, Nurse! DVD

Oh, Nurse! DVD. A 16mm educational film excursion into the zany world of nursing. Lots of fake injuries, pain and bedpans!! Very thick with ludicrous melodrama at times, but never disappointing. Films included: Pain and Its Alleviation, The Inner World of Aphasia, Shelter and Visiting Nurse. Oh, Nurse! DVD $15.00 Buy now

Those Naughty Kids Collection

Get all four DVDs: Those Naughty Boys, Son of Those Naughty Boys, Those Naughty Girls and Those Naughty Teens Films that feature bad kids and teens reminding us not to trust anyone under 30… Films include: Trick or Treat, Cheating, Other People’s Property, The Bike, The Game, Who Cares?, Right or Wrong, Why Vandalism?, Merry-Go-Round […]

The Modern Housewife DVD

The Modern Housewife DVD. Films aimed towards solving the problems faced by today’s (well, really, yesterday’s) modern housewife. A fascinating and insulting look at the 1950s and 1960s housewife. Films include: Goodbye to Garbage, Home is What You Make it, Soft as a Cloud, Joy of Living with Fragrance and Freeze-In. The Modern Housewife DVD […]

When Hippies Roamed the Earth! DVD

When Hippies Roamed the Earth! DVD. If scientists dig deep enough in the trash mounds of our popular culture, they will find evidence of beings with long stringy hair, colorful yet tattered clothing and mouths that continuously spew self-important rhetoric. Yes, there is evidence of a time when Hippies roamed the Earth and the A/V […]

How To Be A Woman DVD

How To Be A Woman DVD. As the daughters of the baby boom reached adolescence, the American school system struggled to educate them on matters of sexual and social development lessons that were not always being taught at home. To the teacher uncomfortable with such topics, classroom films were a godsend. They depicted the reproductive […]

Educational Archive Vol 1: Sex & Drugs DVD

Educational Archive Vol 1: Sex & Drugs DVD. Learn all about the dangers of marijuana, the perils of heavy petting, the difference between boys and girls, and the joys of menstruation. Two hours of digitally mastered shorts from original 16mm prints • Historical notes on each film by collection curator Skip Elsheimer of A/V Geeks.Films […]

Daddy’s Day DVD

Daddy’s Day DVD. The A/V Geeks pull from their vast archive of educational films to bring you a tribute to Dad—the man who provided the sperm, brought home the bacon and put up with your repeated rebellious attempts. Films include: I Just Don’t Dig Him, Fears of Children, Schoolboy Father (an Afterschool Special featuring Rob […]

Bikes Bikes Bikes DVD

Bikes Bikes Bikes DVD. A bike spells freedom to a kid, and fear to parents. These films try to get kids to be responsible – spoiling all the fun. Films included: Bicycle Safety, Bicycle Clown, One Got Fat, The Day the Bicycles Disappeared, African Odyssey: The Red Bicycle and The Bike. Bikes Bikes Bikes DVD […]

Atomic Age Classics Vol 3: A-Bombs, Fallout & Nuclear War DVD

Atomic Age Classics Vol 3: A-Bombs, Fallout & Nuclear War DVD. After unleashing the atomic genie, these films helped Americans cope with the horrible new weapon and energy source. Films include: Living with the Atom, Radioactive Fallout and Shelter, The Atom Strikes!, Fallout: When and How to Protect Yourself, The Atom Goes To Sea. Atomic […]

Best of AV Geeks 1 DVD

Best of AV Geeks 1 DVD. Some of the most requested films from the A/V Geeks collection. Films include: Pamela Wong’s Birthday for Grandma, Santa Claus and Punch & Judy, The Lottery, Check the Neck, Shake Hands With Danger. Best of AV Geeks 1 DVD $15.00 Buy now