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Rats Rats Rats DVD

Rats Rats Rats DVD. Films about rats and humans and how we really aren’t that different after all. Films include Fourteen Rats And A Rat Catcher, Rats, Let’s Have a Party, How Rodney the River Rat Made Money Grow and more. Rats Rats Rats DVD $15.00 Buy now

Soc Eng 301 DVD

Soc Eng 301 DVD. A return of one of the most popular and most insidious genres in school films – the mental hygiene film. Films include – What to Do on a Date, Understanding Others, Don’t Be Afraid and Courtesy for Beginners. Soc Eng 301 DVD $15.00 Buy now

To Skate DVD

To Skate DVD. Films from the 1970s about the wonders and hazards of roller skating and skateboarding. To Skate DVD $15.00 Buy now

Marriage- What Kind For You? DVD

Marriage- What Kind For You? DVD. Films about matrimony and finding that right person. Great for a wedding gift or divorce party! Films include: Engagement: Romance And Reality, Marriage: What Kind For You? and more! Marriage- What Kind For You? DVD $15.00 Buy now

When Mascots Attack! DVD

When Mascots Attack! DVD. Given the success of Smokey the Bear and Woodsey the Owl, a whole army of z-grade mascots appeared on the school film scene. The AV Geeks are happy to present some of the most ill-conceived they’ve found committed to film. Films include: Roscue’s Rules, Soapy the Germ Fighter, Let’s Find Something […]

Those Naughty Drugs DVD

Those Naughty Drugs DVD. Drugs acting badly. Films include – Case Study Amphetamines, Drug Attack, Marijuana: Great Escape, Drugs Are Like That and Drugs and the Nervous System. Those Naughty Drugs DVD $15.00 Buy now

H is for Hippie DVD

H is for Hippie DVD. Films that introduce middle America to the concept of the ‘hippy’, including: Oh Woodstock!, The Hippie Temptation (with Harry Reasoner) and Marijuana (with Sonny Bono). H is for Hippie DVD $15.00 Buy now


DECLASSIFIED! DVD. The AV Geeks pay homage to the granddaddy of 16mm school films – the military training film. Includes Naval training and recruiting films: Why Me?, Know Your Aircraft, Very Special Man and Pvt. Snafu cartoons. DECLASSIFIED! DVD $15.00 Buy now

Blackboard Bungle DVD

Blackboard Bungle DVD. An evening of old school films about–interestingly enough–the hazards of going to school in the 1960s and 70s. Films include: Our Obligation, Lunchroom Manners, How Quiet Helps at School, And Then It Happened and more! Blackboard Bungle DVD $15.00 Buy now

Atomic Age Classics Vol 4: Venereal Disease and You DVD

Atomic Age Classics Vol 4: Venereal Disease and You DVD. Out of the many genres in the AV Geeks Educational Film Archive, venereal disease films are one of the most popular, simply because they provide a revealing glimpse into the secret history of sex in the United States. During the first half of the twentieth […]

An A/V Geeks Prom DVD

An A/V Geeks Prom DVD. Vintage 16mm films about the joy and melodrama that is the school dance. Films include- As Others See Us (1953) – The Dairy Council shows us how to behave when at a social event. Getting Closer (1975) – Will young Greg make it to the dance tonight or will his […]

Power Behind The Nation DVD

Power Behind The Nation DVD. Films about the oil and coal industries and how it made America great. Films include – Power Behind the Nation, 24 Hours of Progress, Destination Earth, Crossroads USA and Coal Miner. Power Behind The Nation DVD $15.00 Buy now