This is silent, raw Kodachrome stock footage from the Coronet educational film company that they would use in their films. To use this footage from this film in your project, please contact us at footage@avgeeks.

1950s, Bear College Forestry Smokey States, United University Washington, animals, arid, automobiles, axe, bark, belt, belts binoculars, boards boards, bolt, boy, boys, branch branch, branches, breakfast, brush, building, bulldozer, bushes, camera, campus, candy, cane, cans, carpenters, cars, cascades, catch, chains, chainsaw, chalkboard, child, children children, chopping, chute, classroom, clear college, colorful, cones, conifers, construction, conveyor cord, country, coveralls, crane, creek, cut, cutting, dead, debarking, deciduous, deer, desert, desks, dirt, display doe, doors, dust, eating, educational, ephemeral, evergreen, fabric, factory, film, fingers, fish, fishing, forestry, forests, girl, grass, gravel, graze graze, hammer, hand hand, hands, hat, hats, hills, hillside, home, house, industry, inspection, instructor, kitchen, knife, lake, lawn, line, liquids, logging, logs, lumber, lumberjacks, machinery, mail mailboxes, man, manufacturing, map, materials, men, mill, mixing mountains, movie, nails, newspaper, notch, notice, observer, of outcropping, overlook, pancakes, panorama, paper paper, piles, pine pine, pines pines, planting, pocket, pointer, pole, pond, porch poster poster, pouring, products, professor, pulp, quarry, rapids, resin, road, rocks, rocky, roll, roof, rural, sapling, saw saw, shave, shingles, shovel sign, sky, spin, stack, stairs, steps, stick, stream, students, syrup, table, tablecloth, teenagers, teens, the trees, trophies, trucks trucks, turpentine, university, vintage, vista vista, walls, watchtower, water, waterfall, waves, wheels, whittle woman, wood, woods woods, worker, workers, workshop, wrapper

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