Stock Library Can BISBJGBJH (raw silent footage)

The 1960s film footage presents a tranquil yet evocative exploration of both nature and domestic life. It begins with a man riding a horse through a dark forest, setting a serene and introspective tone. The imagery of clouds in the night sky and tree branches near a fence and canal further enhances the film’s contemplative mood. The juxtaposition of a ship at sea and a river flowing through a rocky, plant-filled landscape captures the diverse and dynamic aspects of nature.

The film shifts to an indoor scene, showing a man in his bedroom struggling to work and pacing, reflecting a sense of restlessness or contemplation. This is followed by more serene images of flowers and the act of typing, perhaps symbolizing creativity or communication.

The footage then delves into scenes of rural and domestic life. It shows ducks in a barnyard, a man petting a cat on a rug, and a boy interacting with a bird in a cage, highlighting the connection between humans and animals. The repeated scenes of a parakeet in a cage and a dog’s toes being pulled apart suggest a fascination with the details of animal life.

The film also includes whimsical elements, like plastic animals on a table alongside a sleeping cat and dog, and a boy playfully examining a cat’s paws. These moments contrast with more natural scenes of a hen and chicks in a barnyard, a dog catching a rabbit, and cows in a pen, illustrating the varied interactions between humans, domesticated animals, and wildlife.

The film concludes with more natural imagery: butterflies on bushes, a rabbit in tall grass, and a grasshopper struggling to free itself from a person’s grasp. These scenes, along with the peaceful yard and barnyard settings, underscore the film’s overall theme of the gentle, often unnoticed, interactions between humans, animals, and the natural world around them.

We digitized and uploaded this film from the A/V Geeks 16mm Archive. Email us at if you have questions about the footage and are interested in using it in your project.

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