Stock Library Can BFQBFRBFS (silent raw footage)

The 1960s film footage primarily focuses on depicting scenes related to the American Civil War, interspersed with various related images and illustrations.

The footage opens with multiple photographs and drawings of a man, possibly a significant figure from the Civil War era. This is followed by a porch scene where men stand, women sit, and a woman serves tea, depicting a peaceful domestic life from the period. Artistic renderings of life in the 1860s are shown, including a man sitting in an oxen-pulled cart, ships at a pier with men working on the dock, and scenes from a factory, suggesting the era’s industrial and agrarian lifestyles.

A campaign flyer for Abraham Lincoln is shown, placing the footage in the context of the Civil War era. This is followed by numerous scenes depicting various aspects of the Civil War: soldiers in fields, carrying flags, marching, engaging in battles, and standing on hillsides. Officers are seen lowering swords and leading troops, while scenes of battlefields include soldiers retreating, assisting fallen comrades, and engaging in combat.

A significant portion of the footage includes scenes from a Civil War reenactment. These reenactments show soldiers firing guns, marching, and participating in simulated battles. Spectators are visible, indicating a public demonstration or educational event. Army camps are shown, with soldiers and officers discussing strategies over maps and marching past cannons.

The reenactment continues with soldiers on battlefields, firing weapons, and engaging in combat. The footage captures the chaos and intensity of battle with scenes of men running across fields, smoke-filled environments, explosions, and Confederate soldiers aiming and firing weapons in hilly and farm-like terrain.

In between these battle scenes, the footage includes illustrations of covered wagons crossing fields, soldiers resting under trees, and attempts to ford rivers, depicting the logistical and travel challenges during the war. There are also drawings of soldiers struggling to move cannons through mud, highlighting the difficulties of warfare.

Additionally, the film includes various documents, possibly related to the Civil War, and a drawing of a legislative session, indicating the political aspects of the era. Portraits of significant figures and buildings, possibly related to the war, are shown, along with more scenes of hills, fields, streams, and battlefields, capturing the diverse landscapes of the Civil War.

The footage concludes with scenes from an army camp, where Confederate officers confer over a map, suggesting the strategic planning involved in the war.

Overall, the film provides a comprehensive visual narrative of the American Civil War, combining photographs, drawings, documents, and reenactments to depict the various facets of this pivotal period in American history.
We digitized and uploaded this film from the A/V Geeks 16mm Archive. Email us at if you have questions about the footage and are interested in using it in your project.

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