Stock Library Can BDJBDKBDL (silent raw footage)

The film footage from the 1960s depicts a detailed exploration and interaction with various plants and flowers. It features scenes where individuals closely examine, point to, and manipulate parts of plants using tools like tweezers and silver pointers. These scenes include close-ups of different flowers, such as lilies and sunflowers, with emphasis on their petals, stems, and internal structures. Additionally, there are moments capturing the natural interaction between plants and insects like bees. The footage also includes scenes of gardening activities, showing a person working in a garden, patting soil around bushes, and pointing out features of plants. Towards the end, the footage shifts to an office setting where a man is seen editing film, speaking on the phone, typing, and interacting with colleagues. The film concludes with outdoor scenes depicting young men using fire hoses, a reporter taking notes near a burned building, and nature shots of trees, a mill, and a water wheel, encapsulating a diverse range of activities and settings from the 1960s era.

We digitized and uploaded this film from the A/V Geeks 16mm Archive. Email us at if you have questions about the footage and are interested in using it in your project.

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