Stock Library Can AWBAWWAYR (raw silent footage)

The 1960s film footage showcases various scientific demonstrations, technological advancements, and everyday scenes, capturing a period of exploration and innovation. It begins with a glowing electric bulb mounted on a beam connected to a metal rectangle, illustrating an electrical or optical experiment. The footage includes shots of a wooden console with a multicolored strip under a glass cover, possibly an early version of a light display or spectrum analyzer, and a stainless steel sink faucet with a motion sensor demonstrating modern convenience and technology. The film also includes the classic physics demonstration of pool balls colliding, an animated drawing explaining the interaction between photons and electrons, and a man in period costume illustrating the refractive properties of quartz in light.

Scenic shots of clouds in a blue sky transition to a man at a desk managing time, a reference to precision and possibly the synchronization of scientific instruments. This is followed by a night scene with clouds moving swiftly, indicating weather dynamics. The film captures a man writing on a chart and discussing the weather with another man, alluding to the importance of meteorology, as emphasized by a newspaper headline about a U.S. weather satellite.

Rainfall and a dome-shaped building with a signal tower suggest weather monitoring or radar technology. Cultural scenes include men in traditional attire conversing by a temple, a butcher managing meat, and a man in a sailboat, perhaps reflecting leisure or trade. The footage also displays scientific tools and instruments, such as a metal weight in a pool for measurement and a container with pipes, possibly for chemical or physical experiments.

The film includes agricultural elements, with men examining and treating crops with pesticides, highlighting farming practices and crop protection methods of the era. Finally, everyday scenes of a butcher at work and a person picking raspberries showcase food production and preparation, while also drawing attention to the importance of agricultural labor. Overall, the footage paints a picture of a time where innovation intersected with daily life, scientific inquiry, and the natural world.

We digitized and uploaded this film from the A/V Geeks 16mm Archive. Email us at if you have questions about the footage and are interested in using it in your project.

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