Settlers Early Pioneer Farmers Of The Great Lake Region (silent raw footage)

The film footage recreates depicts the daily life and challenges of rural settlers in the 1700s, focusing on a couple managing their farm. It starts with a man and a woman, the woman wearing a bonnet, traveling in a covered wagon pulled by oxen across a field. The woman is seen handling various domestic chores, such as carrying a chair into their house, putting kindling in the fireplace, cooking stew, and doing dishes. The man is involved in farming activities, like patting the oxen, plowing the field, and sowing seeds.

The woman’s tasks also include baking bread, churning butter, milking a cow, and tending to the garden. The man takes care of the livestock and does manual labor, such as plowing the field and scattering grain. Scenes of domestic tranquility, like the couple praying before a meal and the woman washing the man’s back, contrast with the hard labor outside.

The film shows the couple’s interaction with their environment and community. They work together in activities like cutting wood and operating a flour mill. There are glimpses of community life, like people gathering at a Presbyterian Church and socializing at a general store.

However, the film also portrays the unpredictability of rural life. A scene shows a storm with rain and hail damaging the fields, and a barn catching fire during a dance, which the community works together to extinguish.

Overall, the footage presents a comprehensive view of life in the 1700s, highlighting the hard work, community spirit, and challenges faced by early settlers. The couple’s life is a mix of labor, community interaction, and moments of simple joy, all set against the backdrop of a rustic and demanding environment.

We digitized and uploaded this film from the A/V Geeks 16mm Archive. Email us at if you have questions about the footage and are interested in using it in your project.

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