Music in Motion (1954)
Combines the story of visible sound in telephone research with performed orchestral music. Tom Shirley, the announcer from the radio program, “The Telephone Hour”, talks about the research being done at Bell Telephone Laboratories to improve telephone service. He explains that these researchers have arranged to attend a rehearsal session of the program, so that they can record samples of music from the cello, flute and harp. These samples will enable them to study the characteristics of sound back in their lab. As the researchers set up, Donald Voorhees greets the guest musician, Zino Francescatti. The orchestra rehearses part of Tchaikowsky’s “Waltz of the Flowers.” When the orchestra breaks, the researchers show their equipment and take their samples. They are encouraged to stay for the next piece, “Londonderry Air”, with Francescatti on violin. Then the researchers head back to their lab. Shows Bell Telephone researchers at work in transistor, coaxial and microwave laboratories. Describes how they are working to produce more accurate reproductions of the human voice and music. Finally, Francescatti and the orchestra are shown in that night’s performance playing a segment of Mendelssohn’s “Concerto in E Minor – Finale.” Closes with the Telephone Hour theme and a word from Tom Shirley.

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