This is silent, raw Kodachrome stock footage from the Coronet educational film company that they would use in their films. To use this footage from this film in your project, please contact us at footage@avgeeks.

1950s, Agreement, Atlas Bank, Beverly Beverly, Bros., Conditional Coronet Davis E. Evanston Films Furnishings Furniture, Harris Harris, Indiana, Instructional Jones Loan, MD, Personal Sales Savings Street Tatman’s, Trust William Wm. and annual, armchair, bag, bank, book, brow brow, budget, build, business, buy, call, cast, chair, check, cheek, coat coat, cock, company, concern, concerned, confused, consider, contract, corner, cost couch, couple, crutches, debt, default desk, determine, disappointed, doctor’s, doctor, door, down, drawing, emphatic, examine, exhale, exit, eyebrow eyebrow, fabric, fall, figures, fine, flip, fold, frosted, frustrated, furniture, furrow, gather, gesture, give, glass, hand, hang, hanger hat, head head, help, hold, home, hook, hours, house, idea installment, interest, jacket, kneel, knowing, lab, leave, leg, lettering, listen listen, living, loan, look, lumpy, man, math, modern, monthly, mouth, new, nod, note note, number, numbers, office, old, open, options, owe, pad, page, pages, paper, papers, payment, payments, pen, pencil pencil, pensive, pick pick, place, plan, please, pleased, point point, prescription, prescriptions, print, privacy, puff, purse, push, put, puzzled, rack, raise, reconsider, remove, resigned, review, rip, room, rush, sale, sales, salesman, satisfied scrutinize, sell, set, shake, shop, shoulder, showroom, sidelong, sideways, sign, sit, smile, spring, squint, stack, stand, stethoscope, store, surprise, table, take, talk, taps, tear, test, things, time time, walk, watch, wear, white, window, woman, worn, wrist, write write

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