Belmont Park Racetrack, New York, N.Y., first race (Meet of 1927)
VS track and spectators; CU’s of people; LS’s track
Title card: “Westbury, N.Y.: American Polo Team Defeats British Before 25,000 Fans”
Scene looking out window (windshield) at front of automobile (bumpy driving POV); driving on a two-lane concrete paved highway; scenes of 1920s cars passing; slow river
General view of Providence, Rhode Island; pan over city and railroad yards (flopped left to right). Another pan.
Shot of intersection with traffic, downtown Providence, R.I.
Jacob’s Ladder roadside attraction in Berkshire Hills, Mass.
title: Kensico Dam and Aerating Plant – New York City’s Watershed
Pan over city street and factory building, location unknown
title: Army Beats Navy by Slight Margin Before 75,000 Fans at the Polo Grounds – New York – Nov. 1927
title: Pa and Ma Gross Sail on the S.S. “Bermuda” for the Southland February – 1928
New York State historical marker for Pelham Dale, oldest house in Pelham
title: “Scenes on Board the U.S.S. Wyoming, Brooklyn Navy Yard”
title (flopped): Views of Washington, D.C., Showing Cherry Blossoms, Lincoln Memorial and Washington Monument
nice street shot of pedestrians on Washington city street
title (flopped): Arlington – Va. – National Cemetery and Grave of Unknown Soldier
street scene, Washington
aerial pans from top of Washington Monument
title: America’s Naval Academy, Scenes at Annapolis, Md.
Title: Doing Atlantic City with the Essrigs, Watch the Net Haul
VS boardwalk at Atlantic City,

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