Ghost Rider (1982)

Kevin Bailey, feeling very sad and lonely after spending his first day in a new junior high school meets a young girl on his bus ride home. She asks him why he’s crying and says she knows what it’s like being a stranger in a new place. After saying his name before he even introduces himself, she drops a pencil and suddenly disappears. He learns that this little girl, her name inscribed Tracy Donnelly on her pencil, lived in the house his family now lives in. Tracy had been killed in a serious school bus accident the year before.

The next day, Kevin sees Tracy again and asks her why she’s on the bus talking to him. She tells him they have something in common as newcomers, and gives him some homework about bus safety before she disappears. Kevin studies the bus safety brochure that evening. The very next day Tracy shows up again on the bus warns Kevin to pay attention to what he studied in the brochure. Moments later, the bus has an accident. With the bus driver was unconscious, Kevin bravely evacuates everyone safely from the bus before it nose dives off a cliff. The fim ends as Tracy and Kevin bittersweetly part ways.

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