Silent film about drinking sanitation.

Great ECU of woman’s eyes looking up and down, back and forth, and into camera.
Old-fashioned ornate clock hands (white against black background) turning rapidly to signify passage of time
Workers drinking water out of common glass
Analysis of pathogenic germs on glass
Young people at soda fountain where it’s clear soda jerk is not washing glasses properly
Men drinking at bar
Men seated at bar, backs to camera with white lettering superimposed over their banks: ? (question mark), Common Cold, Trench Mouth, Influenza
Family drinking ice cream sodas in soda shop
Roadside stream, people stopping to drink out of communal tin can
Mother stops kids and gets them to use paper cup instead of public drinking can
children drinking at wayside pushcart from communal (dirty) glasses
passengers getting off very old United Airlines airplane and walking off tarmac
passengers exiting “United Air Lines” waiting room, followed by African American porter carrying suitcase
int. aircraft, flight attendant serving drinks in paper cups
Possibly a covert promo for paper cup manufacturer

We digitized and uploaded this film on behalf of the Prelinger Archives. Email us at if you have questions about the footage and are interested in using it in your project. Buy this film on DVD. [wp_cart_button name=drinking-health-1930s price=12.95][show_wp_shopping_cart]

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