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A Very Special DVD

A Very Special DVD. While devoting an entire DVD to films about the developmentally-disabled (mentally handicapped, retarded) might seem like an odd (maybe even inappropriate) theme, but these films provide insight into our culture’s view of the handicapped and the real-life problems that care providers must address. You can tell a lot about a society […]

A/V Geeks Sell Out DVD

A/V Geeks Sell Out DVD. Films about good salesmanship. Now you, too, can learn about the A/V Geeks secret strategy for success. Films on salesmanship included: The Cookie Kids, Sales Building Role, Trader Vic’s Used Cars, Nothing But Lookers. Plus two “sponsored” films (films sponsored by a company for product placement) I Have To Be […]

All the Mulligan Stew You Can Eat DVD!

All the Mulligan Stew You Can Eat DVD!. Three episodes of the 1972 4-H Council and Michigan State Univ-produced wacky TV show that teaches kids good nutrition with humor and songs. Episodes include – Getting It All Together, Great Nutrition Turn-On and Look Inside Yourself. All the Mulligan Stew You Can Eat DVD! $15.00 Buy […]

An A/V Geeks Prom DVD

An A/V Geeks Prom DVD. Vintage 16mm films about the joy and melodrama that is the school dance. Films include- As Others See Us (1953) – The Dairy Council shows us how to behave when at a social event. Getting Closer (1975) – Will young Greg make it to the dance tonight or will his […]

An AV Geeks Christmas DVD

An AV Geeks Christmas DVD. The AV Geeks try to get into the holiday spirit and program about bunch of films about Santa Claus. Films include – the classic Night Before Christmas (1946), the inane Santa Claus Story, the baffling Santa Claus Suit, the violent Santa Claus’ Punch and Judy and more! An AV Geeks […]

Anatomy of a Brat DVD

Anatomy of a Brat DVD. Anatomy of a Brat. It’s fun to watch kids misbehave – especially when they aren’t yours! These films try to educate kids that it isn’t cool to be a snotty brat. Films include – Me, Too?, Parents – Who Needs Them?, If Mirrors Could Speak, Magic House, First Friends, Just […]

Anatomy of an Auto Accident DVD

Anatomy of an Auto Accident DVD. Anatomy of an Auto Accident DVD. Car crashes and their causes. Films include – Traffic Safety-Courtesy, Mystery Crash, Auto Accident – What to Do Afterwards, Collision Rescue, Wheels of Tragedy Anatomy of an Auto Accident DVD $15.00 Buy now

Angry Night DVD

Angry Night DVD. Educational films that teach us about anger and how much fun it can be! Films include – I’m Mad At Me, Angry Night,The Aggressive Impulse, Mr Finley’s Feelings, Oops I Made A Mistake, It’s Not Much Fun Being Angry, Getting Angry and more! Angry Night DVD $15.00 Buy now

Anxious Animated Agendas DVD

Anxious Animated Agendas DVD. From the A/V Geeks Film Archive. These cartoons aren’t what you’d see on Saturday morning. They have important agendas and the producers felt animation might make their point better. Cautious Twins (1960) 6 min Story of a boy and girl who are sent to the store for a loaf of bread. […]

As the Office Turns

Melodrama and madness in the office in the midst of an outright class war between management and the workers. Funnier than Dilbert because it seems so real! Films include: The Grapevine, Promotion Bypass, The Trouble with Women<div style=” overflow: auto; display: flex; flex-direction: column; justify-content: flex-end; align-items: center; width: 259px; background: #FFFFFF; border: 1px solid […]

As the Office Turns 2 DVD

As the Office Turns 2 DVD. The AV Geeks closely examine all the nasty little things that grow in an office culture. Films include: Office Safety – The Thrill Seekers, Office Practice: Your Attitude, Who Did What to Whom?, Your Image: Make It Work for You, Keeping a Job is Work and more!<div style=” overflow: […]

Assembly Line P*rn DVD

Assembly Line P*rn DVD. A compilation of 16mm films that feature gratuitous assembly line footage. This is machine and manufacturing porn. It’s just like regular porn, with the close-ups, the repetitive motions, the cheezy music and non-existant plots. Plus, you’ll learn how lots of things are made – light bulbs, automobiles, candy and more – […]