Anxious Animated Agendas DVD. From the A/V Geeks Film Archive. These cartoons aren’t what you’d see on Saturday morning. They have important agendas and the producers felt animation might make their point better. Cautious Twins (1960) 6 min Story of a boy and girl who are sent to the store for a loaf of bread. They follow their mother’s instructions and are cautious with strangers since they seem to live in Child Predator City. Mr. Finley’s Feelings (1954) 10 min Animated look at how anger and pentup feelings can cause problems. A Short Vision (1956) 6 min Animated. Analyzes the effects of a bomb explosion over a sleeping city and views the destruction of man14;by man. Presents a warning of what might happen if an atom bomb were used for war Can We Immunize Against Prejudice? (1954) 6 min Demonstrates how three sets of parents try to ‘IMMUNIZE’ their children against prejudice by using three different methods. Narrated by Eddie Albert (Green Acres) Sniffy Escapes Poisoning (1967) 6 min Attempts to prevent accidental poisoning which continues to be a major hazard to the pre-school and primary grade-level child with animation and song. By the end, audiences are generally rooting for the kid to get poisoned! Inside Magoo (1959) 14 min Nearsighted Mister Magoo tries his best to ignore newspaper headlines, radio reports, and a billboard truck with bullhorn informing him of the seven danger signals of cancer. Booby Traps (1944) 4 min Hapless Pvt Snafu learns the hard way about all the dangerous booby traps that the enemy can leave behind.

Anxious Animated Agendas DVD


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