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Other People’s Property DVD

Other People’s Property DVD. Films about property damage, these films attempt to describe the how and why of graffiti and vandalism. They use any tactic from marionettes to dead dear to warn of the dangers involved when you don’t respect the property of others. Films include: Other People’s Property, Planet of the Ticklebops, Fun Or […]

Sell Sell Sell DVD

Sell Sell Sell DVD. Films that illustrate the subtly of good salesmanship while trying to make a buck or two. Films include – Who Killed the Sale?, Tough Customer, Goodwill Ambassadors, Kirby Sales Pitch Film (featuring Don Ameche), Atlantic Imperial Gasoline Promo Film and The Butcher, the Baker and the Ice Cream Maker. Sell Sell […]

Those Naughty Teens DVD

Those Naughty Teens DVD. See teenagers succumb to sweet shoplifting, vandalism premarital sex and just plain naughty thoughts. Films include – Caught In A Ripoff, Nobody Tells Me What To Do, Lucy and Morality for Youth Those Naughty Teens DVD $15.00 Buy now

That Damned Metric System DVD

That Damned Metric System DVD. The A/V Geeks present films made during the late 1970s push for the nation to adopt the metric system of measurement. Gee, it seem so easy to learn compared to the English system. Hmm. Wonder why it was dropped in the 1980s? Films include – Metric America, the rarely seen […]

VD Isn’t Just for Valentine’s Day DVD

VD Isn’t Just for Valentine’s Day DVD. In honor of those sticky, itchy days after Valentine’s Day, the A/V Geeks share their favorite film genre – venereal disease films. Each film is a mini melodrama of sin, sex and sores. Films include Casual Encounters Of The Infectious Kind, VD – Play It Safe, More Common […]

I Am Joe’s DVD

I Am Joe’s DVD. Based on Reader’s Digest articles, these films examine the main character’s different body parts. This DVD features films about his stomach, eye, spine and lung. I Am Joe’s DVD $15.00 Buy now

Guy Problems DVD

Guy Problems DVD. 16mm films that highlight all the problems with the male gender. Films include: Car Theft, What About McBride? and more! Guy Problems DVD $15.00 Buy now

Drivers Ed. DVD

Drivers Ed. DVD. Tomorrow’s Drivers, Alco Beat, The Talking Car, I Like Bikes, But…, Highball Highway, Crossroads Crash, Last Prom, Joy Ride, The Bottle and the Throttle, Safety-Belt for Susie. Includes special classroom environment audio track Drivers Ed. DVD $15.00 Buy now

Cafeteria Chaos DVD

Cafeteria Chaos DVD. Watch kids struggling to break free from the dull tyranny of class! See food flying! Witness the glory of lunch lines being broken! Films include: Lunchroom Manners Lunchroom Etiquette, Lunchroom Goes Bananas, Story of a Peanut Butter Sandwich and more! Cafeteria Chaos DVD $15.00 Buy now

Atomic Beach Blast Bingo DVD

Atomic Beach Blast Bingo DVD. All about THE BOMB and how to survive an attack. Films include: Duck and Cover, For The Next 60 Seconds, Nuclear War: A Guide To Armageddon, Radioactive Fallout And Shelter, Operation Ivy Atomic Beach Blast Bingo DVD $15.00 Buy now

All the Mulligan Stew You Can Eat DVD!

All the Mulligan Stew You Can Eat DVD!. Three episodes of the 1972 4-H Council and Michigan State Univ-produced wacky TV show that teaches kids good nutrition with humor and songs. Episodes include – Getting It All Together, Great Nutrition Turn-On and Look Inside Yourself. All the Mulligan Stew You Can Eat DVD! $15.00 Buy […]

Religion DVD

Religion DVD. A collection of religious films and Sunday School favorites. No nuns with rulers here, just good old-time cinematic religion. Learn about the wages of sin, the secret to getting into heaven and find out why God likes nuclear power so much with such films as: The Door To Heaven, Carnivorous Plants, Atomic Energy […]