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P is for Police Officer DVD

P is for Police Officer DVD. Training films made for one of the most stressful and dangerous jobs in a democracy – being a police officer. Films include: Disturbance Calls, Failure to Protect, Shotgun – Second Weapon and more! P is for Police Officer DVD $15.00 Buy now

Some Of Your Bits Ain’t Nice

16mm educational films about personal hygiene – how to avoid bad breath, B.O., yellow teeth, acne and more! Films include – Some of Your Bits Ain’t Nice, Soapy The Germ Fighter, Dirt Witch Cleans Up, Personal Hygiene for Boys and Why Not Be Beautiful Some Of Your Bits Ain’t Nice $15.00 Buy now

Lazy American Worker DVD

Lazy American Worker DVD. A look back to when our culture began to question the quality of American workmanship and what we tried to do to fix it. Films include – Pride on Parade, What’s It’s All About, Workmanship Myth, Case of the Missing Magnets and more! Lazy American Worker DVD $15.00 Buy now

I Spy Racism DVD

I Spy Racism DVD. I Spy the 1965 TV show was the first U.S. show that featured a lead black actor, Bill Cosby, and helped usher in a more racially diverse primetime. In the late 1960s, both lead actors were asked to do TV specials that addressed the problems of racism and racial identity. Bill […]

When Computers Were Young DVD

When Computers Were Young DVD. Films that explain the wonders (and potential pitfalls) of this new machine called the computer. Films include: Thinking Machines, Basic Computer Terms, Ethics in the Computer Age and Hackers When Computers Were Young DVD $15.00 Buy now

We Are Driven DVD

We Are Driven DVD. Films about the automobile – how they are made, how we drive them and adore them. Films include: What Made Sammy Speed, Stop Driving Us Crazy!, Trader Vic’s Used Cars, The Mustang and Ballet Robotique. We Are Driven DVD $15.00 Buy now

Food 2: The Leftovers DVD

Food 2: The Leftovers DVD. More 16mm films about food and its preparation. Lots of delightful assembly line footage in this DVD! Films include: Let’s Make A Sandwich, Peanut Butter, Lunchroom Etiquette (2nd ed), The Incredible Edible Egg In Food Service, Purely Coincidental and The Great American Chocolate Factory. Food 2: The Leftovers DVD $15.00 […]

Crotch Rocket Capers DVD

Crotch Rocket Capers DVD. Short films about motorcycles and the people who ride them. Films include – Not So Easy (featuring Peter Fonda and Evel Knievel), Vicious Cycles, Popsicle, Motorcycle Safety and Courtesy in Traffic and Beginning Motorcycle Rider Course: Unit 2 (Motorcycle Instrumentation). Crotch Rocket Capers DVD $15.00 Buy now

Best of AV Geeks 2 DVD

Best of AV Geeks 2 DVD. Films include: Story, Case Study – LSD, Pride on Parade, VD Attack Plan, Orange and Blue, Telezonia and ABC of Sex Education for Trainables. Best of AV Geeks 2 DVD $15.00 Buy now

Assembly Line P*rn DVD

Assembly Line P*rn DVD. A compilation of 16mm films that feature gratuitous assembly line footage. This is machine and manufacturing porn. It’s just like regular porn, with the close-ups, the repetitive motions, the cheezy music and non-existant plots. Plus, you’ll learn how lots of things are made – light bulbs, automobiles, candy and more – […]

R is for Rouge DVD

R is for Rouge DVD. A DVD compilation of films that document the Ford River Rouge plant. Science Rules The Rouge (1939) This narrated film clip takes viewers on a tour of the Ford Motor Company Rouge plant’s testing and inspection laboratories. It shows tests for various automobile parts, including tires, pistons, and crankshafts. It […]

Bus Nut

Witness the insanity of the films shown on the second Alamo-sponsored Extreme School Bus Adventure. Films featured – Bus Nut, Panic Factor, Ol’ #23, Rescue Man and the much requested, infamous Death Zones.