Working Dollars (1957)

Many people, like Mr. Finchley, the hero of this film, may have wondered how to go about owning a share of American business, or about the new “pay-as-you-go” Monthly Investment Plan. Or, perhaps they’d just like to know more about how the stock market works — about market opportunities and risks, stocks, bonds and dividends. If so, they will find the adventures of Fred Finchley as one of the best ways to find out what goes on at the Stock Exchange. Mr. Finchley is a likeable, average sort of fellow. His wife calls him “Fred” … and his boss calls him “FINCHLEEEEEY!” — like that! He has a comfortable, well-equipped house in an attractive suburb … insurance (just in case) … and a savings account for emergencies. But there was never anything extra left over for those special dreams until one day, Mr. Finchley’s boss bellowed “FINCHLEEEEEY!” even louder than usual. And when Mr. Finchley returned from his employer’s office — with a cigar and a slightly dazed look on his face — his salary was $60 fatter every month! What Mr. Finchley did with his extra $60, the perils of his ventures in “Utopium, Unlimited,” and how he finally caught on to a sensible way to become the man of his dreams is the essence of this sparkling cartoon story of WORKING DOLLARS. [Business Screen, Vol. 17, No. 5, 1956]

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