Wild Life in the 49th State (circa 1959)

Promo for camping equipment made from duPont synthetic fibers.
“Your name is Walter Berlet. You make your living in part as a naturalist. But long ago you put aside the rifle in favor of the camera. For stalking wild game with the lens can be just about as exciting as a hunt with a Remington. You photographed the Rocky Mountain grizzly. You’ve scaled the steep slopes in pursuit of the bighorn ram. But now far to the north a new star is born. A new challenge beckons. Alaska, the last frontier…”
Shot of building (Anchorage federal building?) with 49-star flag draped over its front
VS business streets of Anchorage.
aerials of rural Alaska, bush
CU birds
Many shots of Berlet carrying camera on tripod (like Man with Movie Camera)
fish wheels, large salmon
Berlet shoots
grizzly bear
puffins, cormorants
seals or sea lions
flying through mountains

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