This Is My Father’s World is a 12-minute color silent film recently released by Broadman Films (161 Eighth Ave., Nashville 3, Tenn.). On the visual side it gives scenes of deserts, waterfalls, forests, and fields, with the audio presenting a background of choral and instrumental music. While the color qualities of the pictures vary considerably, they are quite acceptable with a few shots being very impressive. The music is good, but the integration with the pictorial slips out of gear quite badly at times. One gets the impression that thenext such film from Broadman will cure these minor weaknesses. With all, a lovely and useful film in a category where there are few titles, and almost nothing new. (Educational Screen, May 1957)

We digitized and uploaded this film from the Orgone Archive. Email us at if you have questions about the footage and are interested in using it in your project.

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