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Assembly of black-and-white television commercials.

1. Pillsbury Golden Yellow cake mix. CU birthday cake from above with 9 candles burning. CU slices of cake. LS kids at birthday party on lawn running away from table with checkered tablecloth.

2. County Fair {“Baked With Care”) baked goods.

3. Vicks NyQuil cold medicine. Man in bed with animated character representing his cold.

4. Bounty paper towels. Man and woman at breakfast. Towel soaks up liquid “more than paper.”

5. Folger’s instant coffee (in jar).

6. Folger’s instant coffee (in jar).

7. Old Virginia jam and preserves.

8. Old Virginia jellies, jam and preserves.

9. Johnson & Johnson Micrin oral antiseptic (mouthwash). Vignetted “microscope” shot showing different forms of the letter “G” dancing around so as to symbolize germs.

10. Johnson & Johnson Micrin oral antiseptic (mouthwash).

11. Ozon fluid net (hair spray).

12. Bounty paper towels.

13. Baggies food wrap bags.

14. Crest toothpaste. Two girls on archery range.

15. Folger’s coffee in a can. “Mrs. Olson saves a hostess.”

16. Crest toothpaste. Two young men on tennis court.

17. Crest toothpaste. Two young African American men playing baseball.

18. Crest toothpaste. Two near-adolescent boys playing football.

19. Mennen Baby Magic skin care (oil or lotion). Nice CUs of mother’s hands rubbing baby, CUs baby’s hands and feet, etc.

20. Gold Medal enriched flour. “Career girl” on subway in New York, baking cake at home with flour.

21. Scotties facial tissue in box.

22. Montclair cigarettes with menthol filter (American Tobacco Company).

23. Beech-Nut orange juice in can (for babies). Baby drinking orange juice out of bottle; other Beech-Nut baby foods shown.

24. Ozon fluid net (hair spray).

25. Ozon fluid net (hair spray).

26. County Fair enriched hotdog and hamburger buns. Frankfurters, hamburgers and cheeseburgers on grill. Buy this film on DVD. [wp_cart_button name=television-commercials-1960s price=12.95][show_wp_shopping_cart]

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