This is silent, raw Kodachrome stock footage from the Coronet educational film company that they would use in their films. To use this footage from this film in your project, please contact us at footage@avgeeks.

1950s, Airlines, Airways, England, Fall North, Northwest, Ozark, Republic, Terminal, Tudor, United, air air, airlines, airplane, airport, airway, airways, ancient, ant, ants, aquarium, arachnid, aviation aviation, basement, beg, belt, berries, bird, birds, blow, blue, box, building, business, cab, cap, card, cargo cargo, cart, carts, carved, carving, catch, cedar center, central, chef, chopper, church, close, close-up, coat, color, commercial, connect, control, conveyor, cook, cord, cottage crack, crawl, curb, curbside, customers, cycle, dark, deliver, delivery, development, diet dining, dinner dirt, door, double, down, driver, dry, duct, ducting, earth, eat eat, eating, eaves, electric, enter, exterior, fare, feed, field, fingers, flies, floral, flower, flowers, fly, flying flying, focus food, foothills, forage, forced, forest, frog, fruit, fruiting, furnace, fuzzy, garden, gate, gather, grass, grasshopper, graveyard, green, greet, grill, ground, grounded, grow, gutter, hand, hangar, hanging, hatch, heating, helicopter, historical, hole, home, house house, insect, insects jet jet, kitchen, kite, land, landing, lapse, larvae, lawn, leaf leaf, leaves, legs, life, lily, line, lion, load, log, luggage, lunch, mail, man man, manor, meadow, meal, meat medical, move, nature, night, of off old, orange, ornate, ornithology, out outdoors, outside, packaged, packages, paddle, painted, paper paper, parked, passenger, passengers pay, pebbles, people, perch, person, pilot, pilots plane, planes, plant, plants, pollen pollen, pollination pollination, postal, predator, prepared prepared, prey, primitive, private, propeller, red, restaurant, road, roof, room, rough, rub, runway, rush, sacks, scalloped, screen, service, shake, shallow, shed, shorts, shuttle, silk silk, silver, sit sky sky, small, sparrow, sparrows, spider spider, squirrel, stairs, stamen, stamp, steps, stone, straw, stream, street, style, supplies, swallow, swarm, table, take take-off, tank tap, tarmac, taxi, terminal, terrapin, thatched, tiger, time, touch, touchdown, tour tourist, tower tower, tray, tree, trees, trim, trucks, tulip, turret, turtle, two-story, uniforms, unload, upside, urgent, wait waiting, walk, water, waxwing, web, white, wind wind, wings, women, wood wooden, worker, woven, wrap, yellow

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