This is silent, raw Kodachrome stock footage from the Coronet educational film company that they would use in their films. To use this footage from this film in your project, please contact us at footage@avgeeks.

, 1950s, 33, Amadeus, Austria, Austrian, Chevrolet, Chevy, Chicago, Europe, European, Germany, Hungary, Innsbruck, Johann, McCormick, Mozart, Olympic, P, R, Roman, Russia, Sarajevo, Servia, Strauss, Turkey, Vienna, Wolfgang, across, actors, actresses, adjusts, along, and animated, appear, appears, arch, architecture, archival, army, around, arrows, art, assassinated, assembly, attach, attaches, audience, autobus, away, backs, bald, baler, bales, barn, barrel, base, bed, black black, blocks, blow, blue, board, body, borders, boundaries, branch, breeze, brick, bride, bridge, bright, brown, bubbles, build, building, buildings, bulletin, bus, cafe, car, carbon, cargo, carries, cars, cart, castle, cathedral, center, ceremony, chain, chassis, chop, church, chute, cigarette, city, clamps, clash, classic, classical, clear, clearing, climbs, cloth, clouds, collar, collects, color, colorful, come, composer, consort, corn, countries, couples, cover, coveralls, cow, cowboy, cows, crop, crops, cups, cut, cuttings, daily, dairy, dance, dancers, dark, day, demonstrate, desk, device, dine, dirt, dispense, door, down, drainage, drains, drawing, dresses, drive, drives, dry, dump, dumps, eat, eats, efficient, engine, equipment, extra, factory, fall, family, farm, farmer, farmhand, fast, feeds, fence, field, final, finger, finished, floor, flower, fluorescent, fly, food, footage, forklift, frame, frames, gate, general, gets, glass, glasses, goggles, grain, grass, graze, green, groom, ground, grow, growing, growth, hand, hands, hangs, hat, hay, hazard, headlines, heir, hill, hold, holds, homes, hood, horse, horseback, horses, house, in, inspection, inspectors, into, jeans, jig, junior, king, knob, leaf, leans, leaves, life, lift, lights, line, livestock, loads, logo, logs, look, lot, lower, machine, machines, make, man, manufacture, map, march, marriage, medals, memorial, memorials, men, menace, metal, military, milk, milking, mill, mirror, monument, motor, mountain, mountains, move, moves, musicians, mustache, nature, needle, needles, new, newspaper, of, off, office, official, officials, oil, old, on, operates, out, outdoors, outside, oval, overlook, paper, papers, park, parking, parks, parts, pastoral, pat, peaks, pedestrians, people, perform, performance, performers, person, pet, petal, pews, photos, piano, picnic, pieces, pipes, place, plaid, plant, plants, plates, play, pod, points, pointy, portrait, press, product, production, protective, public, pulley, pulling, pulls, pump, put, puts, queen, quick, reaches, red, remove, removes, restaurant, ride, river, rock, roll, rollers, rolls, room, rope, ropes, row, royal, sands, scenic, scoop, screw, screwdriver, screws, seat, secretary, seed, sends, shadows, shape, shed, sheds, sidewalk, silo, silver, sit, sits, ski, skiers, skyscraper small, smiles, smokes, smooths, snow, snowy, soldiers, sparks, speaks, spin, stacks, stage, stall, stalls, stand, statue, stem, stock, stone, store, street, sunny, sweater, table, tables, talks, tank, tanks, team, teats, threads, throne, through, throws, tied, tip, tire, tires, toga, together, tool, touches, tower, town, trace, tractor, traffic, trailer, transport, tree, trees, trenches, triangle, tribune, truck, trunk, tube, turn, types, typewriter, udders, under, uniform, unscrews, up, uses, valley, vehicle, vehicles, view, village, vintage, vows, wait, waitress, waits, walk, walks, walkway, wall, waltz, watches, water, wave, weave, wedding, weld, welds, well, wheelbarrow, white, window, windshield, wipes, woman, women, wood, wool, work, worker, workers, x, yellow, young

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