This is silent, raw Kodachrome stock footage from the Coronet educational film company that they would use in their films. To use this footage from this film in your project, please contact us at footage@avgeeks.

Keywords: 1950s, acoustic, activity, al altitude animal, appliance, approach, arch, archival, attach, away, background, bales beams, bear, belltower, berry, block, bloom, blossom, blue, body, bottle, boulders, bovine, boy, boys, branch, breeze, brick bridge bright, brown, building, buildings, bulb, burg, button, campanile, cars, ceiling, cells, chairs, chew, children, chrome, circuit, clips, close-up coated, coating, coil, coiled, color, concrete, copper, cork, country, cover, cows, crevasse, cross, crossing, crouch, curl, customers, cylinder, dam, dark, darkness, daylight deck deck, demonstration, depart, diner, diners, dirt down, dry dry, eat, eaves, electric, electrical electrical, electronic, element, emit, employee, end, ends, engine, entrance, experiment experiment, field, finger, fire, fixture, flame flame, flash, flashing, float, flow, flower, fluorescent, food, force, fresco, fruit, generator, gesture, girders girls, glass, glow, grass, graze, green, greenery greenery, grub, guardrail, hand, handle, handrail handrail, hands, hay, headlights, headlines, heat, heating, highway, hill, hills, hillside, hold, homemade, hook, hot, illumination, infrastructure, jar, join, kids, kitchen, kneel, lab lab, ladder, land large, leave, letters, light light, lights, line, lit, locomotive, magnet, magnetic, man, matter, meadow, meet, men, microscopic, minuscule, mountain, mountains, movement, nail, nailed, navigate, neon, night, nighttime, nose, observe opening, orange, organic, organisms, pace, panorama, paper, pasture, path, patio, patrons, pause, paws, peak, peaks, pedestrians, people, person, petals, pick, place, planks, plankton plankton, plant, plastic, plates, plug, plume, point, pole, poles, power, precipitation, press, propeller, puff, pull, pulse, pulsing, push push, railing, railroad, range, red, remove, reservoir, restaurant, ring, river, rocks, roof, room, rotate rotate, run, school, science, seated, seating, server, set, shingles, shoelace, shrub, sidewalk, sign, sit, ski, skis, sky, slide, slot, small, smile, smoke, snow snow, spark, spin, stainless, stand, station, steel, steeple, stems, step, steps, stick, stoop, stop, stream, stripped stripped, structure, supports, swim, table, tail tail, taillights taillights, tie, tile, tiny, toaster, tower, town, traffic, travel, tree, trees, trunk, tube tube, turn, twist, up up, utility, valley, vehicles, vent, ventilation view, village, vintage, vista, waitress, walk, wall, watch, water, wedding, white, wind, windows, winter, wire, wires, woman, women, wood, words, worker, wrap, wrapped, yellow, youths, zoo, zoom,

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