This is silent, raw Kodachrome stock footage from the Coronet educational film company that they would use in their films. To use this footage from this film in your project, please contact us at footage@avgeeks.

1950s, Alps, Bavarian Europe, Fiat, Geneva, Italy, Simea, Swiss, Switzerland, aggregate, agriculture, animals, appliances, architecture assembly, audience, autombiles, automobile, automobiles automobiles, axe, backpacks, barge barge, bark, bears, boats, boxes, boy, bridge, bucket, building building, buildings buildings, buses, cables, canyon, car, cargo, cars, chainsaw, child, children, chimney, city, clock, clocktower, clothing, coal, columns, combine, concreate, concrete, construction, containers, countryside coveralls, craftsman, crane, crank, crates, crop, crosswalk, crowds, culture, cutting, dam, dirt dirt, dock, dresses, driving, educational, electrical, engineer ephemeral, equipment, exhibit, factories, factory, family, farm farmers, farming farming, fashion, fence, field, flags, flywheel, food, forest, girl, glasses, government, grain, grid, harvest, harvester, hat, hay, hiking, hills, homes, house, houses, hydroelectric, lamp lifestyle, lights limit loading, logistics, logs, lot, lumber, lumberjacks, machinery machinery, magnifier, man, mannequins, men, mill models, mountains, mountainside, moving, nuclear, ocean ocean, office, panorama panorama, park, parking paved, pedestrians, people, pines, pipes, pit, plant, platform, plaza, pole, posts, potatoes, power puddle, pylons, race railing railing, reflection, river, road, roads, rocks, roundabout, runway, rural, sawing ship, shipping, shirtless, shopping shops, shovel, sidewalk, sign, signs, skyline, skyscraper, smile, smokestack, spectators, speed spinning spinning, station, statues, street, stripping, suits, table, talking, test, timber, towers, track track, tracks, train, travel, treats treats, tree, trees trees, tricks, truck, trucks, tunnels, valley, vehicle, vintage, warehouses, watchmaker, water, waterfalls, waterway, wheat, window windows, wires wires, woman, women, wooden, woods, workers, workshop yard, zoo

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