Someone’s In the Kitchen
Film contains many artfully shot closeups of housework, cooking, food preparation, food and kitchen activity.
Mother pours Log Cabin syrup on waffle for cute freckled red-headed boy in baseball hat
Boy takes bite of waffle, feeds second bite to dog.
Boy eats waffle beside mom making lunches in kitchen. Little boy takes bite of carrot peeled in bowl then replaces it.
CU six pieces of bacon sizzling in frying pan.
CU husband and two daughters feet run down stairs; CU mother takes steaming fresh blueberry muffins out of oven.
Surreal shot of red-haired housewife in green dress and red apron seated on white stool in an all set mixing ingredients in bowl.
Pan over array of jello, cream and pudding deserts on all white set.
Sweeping camera movement over array of drinks on all white set: lime-aid, milk, orange juice, lemonade, iced tea.
CU cute smiling blonde-haired baby is spooned baby food.
CU camera focus in and out on Bundt cake being decorated with cherries by female hand.
CU shrimp taken from plate of shrimps, dipped in batter, covered in shredded cheese, then deep fried.
CU whipping frothy lemon meringue.
CU woman’s hands squeeze out lines of pastry dough on to baking sheet on white background.
CU woman’s hand removes rolls or pastries out of oven.
CU woman removing rolls or pastry from back sheet onto oven rack labeled 22 to cool along with two other sets of pastries set out labeled 24 and 26.
CU batter pours out of bowl into mixing bowe. All white background.
CU melted chocolate poured into mixing bowe with flour beside bottle of vanilla and mixes. Jars of flower and sugar in background. All white background.
Pan over laboratory equipment, flasks, test tubes, graduate cylinders, filled with colorful liquids; CU scientist in lab coat beside woman in yellow dress remove pastries from box along with two jars, one with a white substance the other with red jam.
Deserts on tray placed on white table along with container with pencils. Silhouettes on white screen of people tasting food.
CU water poured into bowl of flour and stirred with wooden spoon.
CU hand holding blender mixing dough in glass bowl.
Pyrex measuring cup switching between different amount of rice and water through stop motion animation; ruler enters frame showing several measurements animated in stop motion.
VS of one then two white eggs on white surface and background shot at different distances and cut in quick succession.
CU electric mixer spinning; CU two hands in blue knit gloves each holding an egg; three pieces of chicken and mashed potatoes in aluminum tray partially covered by foil in over; hand pulls out oven tray and removes aluminum foil with fork to reveal peas and carrots.
Blue screen with round over timer in bottom right corner of frame; blue stove flame begins to burn on bottom left; red coils of electric stove burning light up on top.
CU Yellow cup and saucer beside jar of Maxwell House Coffee; woman’s hand opens jar and puts one spoonful of coffee in the cup; hand replaces Maxwell House Coffee jar on shelf beside box of Dream Whip, and Minute Rice.MS meat and vegetable dish place on dinner table: CU of dish with cubes of meet, peas and carrots surround by potatoes.

We digitized and uploaded this film from the Prelinger Archive. Email us at if you have questions about the footage and are interested in using it in your project. Buy this film on DVD. [wp_cart_button name=miscellaneous-color-shots-2 price=12.95][show_wp_shopping_cart]

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