This film on responsible decision making and behavior begins as a young girl writes to her boyfriend Bill, who is away on naval duty, telling him she is pregnant. Unsure of what he will do, we follow as Bill struggles to figure out how to handle the situation. He battles between the varying opinions of his friends on what to do in the situation of an unwanted pregnancy. Interestingly, the friends soon move to debate other issues of self-control – smoking, drinking, and drug use. As we watch the friends debate, the conversation scene is intercut with others where the behaviors being debated are put on more realistic display often with narration from doctors and others offering more sound knowledge.

Finally, Bill talks to his superior naval officer about the pregnancy. He suggests other outlets for sexual desire, masturbation and otherwise. He also warns against taking wrong, unnatural outlets for those desires, and the visuals accompanying his warning make apparent references to homosexuality, prostitution, drugs, etc. We then return to see Bill’s girlfriend discussing the unwanted pregnancy with her parents and soon the doctor. The film comes to a close dramatically with various close ups of infants and young children, fore fronting the weight of parenthood to make its point about decision making. Closing with words of wisdom about responsible decisions, we return to the reality that Bill and his girlfriend have made the wrong decision.

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