Gives students a basis for thinking clearly about real love and shows that mere conviction of love is not enough to insure lasting happiness. In other words, your first love/crush is probably not the person you want to marry (or have sex with).. DIRECTOR: Ted Peshak; CAMERA: Dale Sharkey; WRITERS: Mel Waskin, George Tychsen, Hartley Pfeil; EDITOR: Ace Moore; AUTHORITY: Reuben Hill, Ph.D., Research Professor in Family Life, The University of North Carolina; NORA’S MOM: Rosemary Kelly

Higher quality versions of this film can also be licensed for stock footage. Contact for more information. Buy this film on DVD. [wp_cart_button name=how-do-you-know-its-love-1950 price=12.95][show_wp_shopping_cart]

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