[Home Movies: Postwar London, Paris, Washington] 1940s

We digitized and uploaded this film on behalf of the Prelinger Archives. Email us at footage@avgeeks.com if you have questions about the footage and are interested in using it in your project.

Kodachrome and B&W (alternates several times)

Piccadilly Circus; post-bombing London scenes; Nelson’s Pillar; war memorials; Big Ben; military parade; car driving by camera with, possibly, George VI in back seat saluting; Paris street scenes; American MPs standing in line on Paris sidewalk; American soldiers and others sitting in sidewalk cafe; Hahn & Kolb building; Cafe de la Paix; Galeries Lafayette; pan over bombed houses and lots; refugees in cart; Jefferson Memorial, Washington, D.C.; VS blossoms and trees along river (Potomac?); sky and flowers; street scene shot from balcony above, showing banner above street “Welcome Ike” and American flag; VS parade, very long shot from above; women and man getting out of car and posing; 2 woman college graduates in white gowns and mortarboards; shift to B&W footage, couple exiting apartment building named “The Virginia” over entrance, getting into car; color footage of 2 young women, one with old Kodak camera, walking by; man follows; preparation for picnic on grassy area near seaside; misc. family picnic and recreation shots; preparations for departure of Cunard ocean liner (dark); VS taken from ship; Moran tugboats in New York harbor; moving shots of New York skyline taken from ship as it passes down Hudson River; B&W sequence of two men polishing car in driveway; family prepares for departure; another car exits carport and driveway, backing up; young woman in black mortarboard and gown, posing with older woman and man (parents?) separately, arms around each other; various shots people posing with members of older and younger generations; people standing around at outdoor party; home-movies-postwar-london-paris-washington-1940s

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