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Schooladelic DVD

Schooladelic DVD. School films that aren’t about hallucinogenic drugs, but were certainly influenced by them. Films include: 200, Toes Tell, Toothache of a Clown, Fantasy of Feet, Malakapalakadoo Skip Two, Replay, The Eyes Have.. Or Do They? and more! Schooladelic DVD $15.00 Buy now

The Coz DVD

The Coz DVD. Bill Cosby has recently been shocking folks with his critical view of African-American;youth culture. Well, folks forget that before the Cosby show and his shilling;for Jell-o, Bill had a lot to say about what was wrong with the world. Films;include: Bill Cosby on Prejudice, A Day With Bill Cosby and more! The […]

Ins & Outs of Inside/Out DVD

Ins & Outs of Inside/Out DVD. Episodes from the brilliant educational TV series that explored the emotional and moral dilemmas that kids faced in the mid-1970s. Films include: Breakup, Someone;Special, Getting Even, Strong Feelings, But Names Will Never Hurt, I Dare You. Ins & Outs of Inside/Out DVD $15.00 Buy now

Educational Archive Vol 8: Social Engineering 201 DVD

Educational Archive Vol 8: Social Engineering 201 DVD. Through the flicker of dim projector bulbs and the warble of optical soundtracks a blueprint for better living in the Atomic Age was spelled out in no uncertain terms. Now just as you remember them, Fantoma presents this collection of social etiquette films. For extra credit take […]

Balls Out! DVD

Balls Out! DVD. In the past, the A/V Geeks have challenged audiences with films about drugs, bus safety, venereal disease, shotguns, meat and more. This year, the presentation focuses on films that feature balls – amazing films with bouncing spherical objects and the lessons they can teach us. This show is a must see for […]

Some Of Your Bits Ain’t Nice

16mm educational films about personal hygiene – how to avoid bad breath, B.O., yellow teeth, acne and more! Films include – Some of Your Bits Ain’t Nice, Soapy The Germ Fighter, Dirt Witch Cleans Up, Personal Hygiene for Boys and Why Not Be Beautiful Some Of Your Bits Ain’t Nice $15.00 Buy now

I Spy Racism DVD

I Spy Racism DVD. I Spy the 1965 TV show was the first U.S. show that featured a lead black actor, Bill Cosby, and helped usher in a more racially diverse primetime. In the late 1960s, both lead actors were asked to do TV specials that addressed the problems of racism and racial identity. Bill […]

We Are Driven DVD

We Are Driven DVD. Films about the automobile – how they are made, how we drive them and adore them. Films include: What Made Sammy Speed, Stop Driving Us Crazy!, Trader Vic’s Used Cars, The Mustang and Ballet Robotique. We Are Driven DVD $15.00 Buy now

Crotch Rocket Capers DVD

Crotch Rocket Capers DVD. Short films about motorcycles and the people who ride them. Films include – Not So Easy (featuring Peter Fonda and Evel Knievel), Vicious Cycles, Popsicle, Motorcycle Safety and Courtesy in Traffic and Beginning Motorcycle Rider Course: Unit 2 (Motorcycle Instrumentation). Crotch Rocket Capers DVD $15.00 Buy now

Assembly Line P*rn DVD

Assembly Line P*rn DVD. A compilation of 16mm films that feature gratuitous assembly line footage. This is machine and manufacturing porn. It’s just like regular porn, with the close-ups, the repetitive motions, the cheezy music and non-existant plots. Plus, you’ll learn how lots of things are made – light bulbs, automobiles, candy and more – […]

S is for Shootin

Learn about the wonders and dangers of firearms. Films include: The Magician, Trigger Happy Harry, Shoot/Don’t Shoot 2, Shotgun – Second Weapon and more! S is for Shootin $15.00 Buy now

Those Naughty Animals DVD

Those Naughty Animals DVD. Animals acting badly. Films include – Hoppy the Bunny, Skipper Learns a Lesson, Squeak the Squirrel and more. Those Naughty Animals DVD $15.00 Buy now