This film produced by Encyclopedia Britannica, brings to light the important aspects of the period when the child begins to ask questions. The film dramatizes true-to-life situations in which youngsters meet the positive or negative attitudes toward questions, and suggests the resulting effects on their personalities. A little girl is shown in various situations as she learns about life and the world around her by asking questions of her father and mother. A little boy is shown asking questions in the same way. Other episodes are shown in which children’s questions are answered in various ways, both positively and negatively by parents and adults. We then follow Molly, whose parents discouraged her from asking questions. Molly learns to stay quiet, and this is a disadvantage as she reaches school age and needs to interact in class and with friends. In closing, the film emphasizes the importance of answering the child’s whys because it helps him or her to understand the way of life and to develop a personality that interacts with the world around him or her.

Produced by Encyclopaedia Britannica 1951 in collaboration with Lawrence K. Frank Sound. 13 Minutes. Part of the Personality Development Series.

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