Aeronautics and Space Report 254 (1990)

Future Energy Source
This video describes the efforts of the Center for the Commercial Development of Space in Wisconsin to develop a strategy for mining Helium-3, an efficient, environmentally safe alternative to fossil fuels that exists on the moon. Animated sequences depict the equipment that could mine the lunar surface, boil away Helium-3 to be transported back to earth, and return the soil to the moon without destroying the lunar surface.

Global Greenhouse Expedition
This video covers an airborne study of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.

LDEF Update
This video explores the research being done on the Long Duration Exposure Facility (LDEF), a satellite carrying 57 experiments designed to study the effects of the space environment, which had been in orbit for almost 6 years, and was retrieved and brought back to Earth by the Space Shuttle Astronauts. The video shows scenes of the retrieval of LDEF, as well as scenes of ongoing research into the data returned with the satellite from experiments on external coating, contamination of optical materials by thermal control paint, the effects of cosmic rays on different materials, and the effect of the space environment on 12 million tomato seeds that have since been planted.

NACA-NASA: 75 Years.
This document presents historical footage used to recollect the last 75 years of aeronautical and space-related research

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