The recently re-christened Potato Chip Institute International (formerly the National Potato Chip Institute) commissioned this ultra-rare promotional film extolling the myriad virtues of potato chips: easily digestible — a natural source of salt — 93.3% pure energy!
The short begins with two animated leprechauns, Chip and Dip, happily prattling away about the history of potato chips. We learn that they came into existence in 1853 by a series of lucky accidents credited to inn keeper George Crum, at the Moon Lake Lodge in Saratoga Springs, NY. Next, the two leprechauns ponder, “How could potato chips possibly be improved upon?”: WITH DIP! We then switch to live-action with demonstrations of several chip dip recipes — a simple onion dip, The Teaser (made with bologna, olives and tabasco!), and a delicious shrimp surprise, followed by a wonderful Industry on Parade scene which tracks the progress of the potato from the field to the supermarket. We see how the potatoes are grown, harvested, stored, and shipped to the factory, where conveyer belts move the soon-to-be sumptuous spuds to various machines that wash, peal, slice, cook, weigh, flavor, package, and seal the finished product. Finally, Chip and Dip magically transport us to a cooking contest sponsored by Potato Chip Institute International, where chefs present their unbelievable creations (Chicken Spaghetti Loaf, Adam’s Apple Beef Roast, etc.) — all prepared using potato chips!

Higher quality versions of this film can also be licensed for stock footage. Contact for more information. Buy this film on DVD. [wp_cart_button name=adventures-of-chip-and-dip-1968 price=12.95][show_wp_shopping_cart]

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