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The AV Geeks are actively looking for the following films or films in these genres:

Venereal disease films – Slowly Skip Elsheimer is working on a book/documentary about the history of VD films in the U.S. We are specifically looking for:
A Message To Women (1944, Color, 16mm, 19 Min) Public Health Service. Looking For A Good Color Print
A Practical View Of Syphilis
A Quarter Million Teenagers
A Quarter Million Teenagers

About VD
Bacterial Infections ST: Sexually Transmitted Diseases Series
Broken Wings
(Color, 16mm, 23 Min)
Dance Little Children
Deferred Payment
Aka Misc. Film, No. 162 (1932?, Silent, Black & White, 35mm, 51 Min.) British Social Hyeiene Council.
Feeling All Right
Fight Syphilis
(1942?, Sound, Black & White, 35mm, 9 Min) Public Health Service
Fight Syphilis (No. 942) (1944, Sound, Black & White, 35mm, 19 Min) Signal Corps
Her Name Was Ellie, His Name Was Lyle
How To Keep From Catching VD
Hygiene For Women — Protecting Health
(?, Color, 16mm, 26 Min) Department Of The Navy.
Know For Sure (1941, Sound, Black & White, 35mm, 22 Min) Public Health Service. The Complete Print With All The Graphic Footage.
Magic Bullets (1940, Sound, Black & White, 35mm, 31 Min). Public Health Service.
Million Teenagers, A
Our Job To Know
Personal Hygiene For Young Men
(1924, Silent, Black & White, 35mm, 12 Min) Public Health Service.
Personal Hygiene For Young Women (1924, Silent, Black & White, 35mm, 13 Min) Public Health Service.
Plain Facts (1941, Sound, Black & White, 35mm, 11 Min)
Sex Hygiene Aka Training Film; No. 0154 (1941, Sound, Edited, Black & White, 35mm, 30 Min). Signal Corps.
Sexually Transmitted Diseases – Causes, Prevention And Cure
Sexy Transmitted Diseases
Syphilis; A Motion Picture Clinic (1935?, Sound, Black & White, 35mm, 77min) Public Health Service.
Syphilitic Venereal Disease
The End Of The Road (1919, Silent, Black & White, 35mm, 57 Min)
The Innocent Party (1959, Sound, Edited, Color, 16mm, 18 Min). Looking For A Good Color Print Of This Film.
The Venereal Diseases Aka (Misc. Film, No. 163) (1928?, Silent, Black & White, 35mm, 35 Min) Signal Corps.
To The People Of The United States (1944, Sound, Black & White, 16mm And 35mm, 22 Min) Public Health Service.
VD – It Is Your Problem
VD – What Is It
Where The Girls Are – Vd In Southeast Asia
(?, Sound, Edited, Color, 16mm, 23 Min)
With These Weapons

ALSO LOOKING FOR 16mm prints of…
Day Without Numbers (Wayne University) Looking for a complete print of this film.
Any film by Homer Groening
Punishment Park
The Burning Hell
If The Footmen Tire You…
Boys Beware
Girls Beware
The Strange Ones
Any non-driver’s ed film by Highway Safety Films

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