Weird Science Experiments DVD. Films from the A/V Geeks archive that feature odd, wacky and slightly troubling science experiments.;Living In A Reversed World (11 min);Consists of a perception experiment in which university students wear devices which invert their fields of vision. Shows the stages of adaptation to new situations. Filmed at the institute of experimental psychology at Innsbruck, Austria.;Comparative Tests On A Human And A Chimpanzee Infant Of Approximately The Same Age, Pt 2 (1932) (15 min);Compares the reactions of a normal human infant between the ages of 10 and 14.5 months to psychological tests, and the responses of a chimpanzee companion, age 7.5 to 12 months, to the same tests. Brings out the effects of different rates of growth and learning abilities and illustrates the capacity of the animal to outdo the child in many tests. Includes hand preference, startle reaction time, delayed reaction, cap-on-head, detour, tickle, ice and rotation tests.;Experimental Studies In Social Climates Of Groups (1940s) (30 min);Illustrates the behavior of boys organized in clubs, each of which is run either on democratic principles, an autocratic principles, or as a laissez-faire group. Shows the responses when the groups are changed from one type to another. Includes graphs and charts giving statistics on group actions and reactions.;A Million To One (1961) (5 min);Shows a flea pulling a massive dry ice puck, thus demonstrating the small force needed to move a nearly frictionless body.<div style=”
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