Balls Out! DVD. In the past, the A/V Geeks have challenged audiences with films about drugs, bus safety, venereal disease, shotguns, meat and more. This year, the presentation focuses on films that feature balls – amazing films with bouncing spherical objects and the lessons they can teach us. This show is a must see for any fan of old educational films. Below are just some of films being screened The Huntsman – A young boy’s idyllic summer of rescuing and reselling golf balls is devastated by teenage thugs and thoughts of revenge. Singles – A baffling Christian film about single balls attending Church groups. Marble – An amazing Dutch film featuring a boy, his magic marble and the Dutch army! Prog rock soundtrack by members of Focus! Moonplay – A little girl brings the Moon down to Earth as a bright bouncing ball that wreaks havoc on a small Scandinavian village. The DVD also features Orange and Blue and Rhythmic Balls Skills..

Balls Out! DVD

Balls Out! DVD


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